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Positively contributing to the re-emergence of a stronger, healthier mortgage market.

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About Spurs Capital

Spurs Capital, LLC is a New York-based investment firm focused on investing and managing of distressed mortgage loans.


We provide competitive solutions to financial institutions seeking to increase revenue, increase profitability, decrease earnings volatility, and manage risk.


Spurs Capital, LLC holds a long-term view of the market and understands the importance of home ownership.  We provide borrowers with industry-leading expertise to help those facing financial challenges and who are able to make payments, restructure their mortgage in a way that makes economic sense.

Our Focus

Our investment management strategy provides clients with an alternative solution to sell closed whole loan mortgages regardless of current performance.  


  1. Seasoned performing first and second liens

  2. Sub-performing loans

  3. Non-performing mortgage loans

  4. Mortgages in bankruptcy and foreclosure

  5. Defaulted second liens

  6. Home equity lines of credit (HELOC)

  7. Real estate owned (REO) properties

  8. Investor fallout

  9. Scratch and dent loans

  10. Aged loans on warehouse lines


Whether you have a single loan or a pool of loans, Spurs Capital can assist you.  Select the Services link below for a complete list of loan types.

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