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About Us

Spurs Capital, LLC is a New York-based investment management firm focused on investments in, and servicing of, seasoned residential mortgage loans.


Spurs Capital was founded in February 2008 by a team of veteran mortgage professionals all of whom have extensive experience in pricing, due diligence, servicing, and restructuring of distressed residential mortgage assets. The firm was created to address the current dislocation in the residential mortgage whole loan and structured products market, as a long-term investor in the most credit sensitive sectors of that market. Spurs Capital has a distinguished reputation and track record in the finance industry and serves all participants which include large, mid-sized, and small companies.


Our goal is to provide solutions to both financial institutions and borrowers currently under stress. We intend to establish long-term relationships in order to make a positive contribution to the resolution of the current market dislocation and the eventual re-emergence of a stronger, healthier mortgage market.


For financial institutions, Spurs Capital provides liquidity through a thorough and transparent investment approach that includes best-in-class pricing and modeling as well as highly proficient experience in servicing oversight that will produce exceptional asset performance. For borrowers, we bring industry-leading expertise to help those facing financial challenges, who are willing and able to make payments, restructure their mortgages in a way that makes economic sense.


Why Spurs?

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