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Looking to get rid of unwanted loans? Need to clear your warehouse line? Having trouble selling directly to the conduits due to investor overlays?


Let Spurs Capital help!


As a direct investor, we provide liquidity assistance for all closed loans on your books. We provide excellent purchasing options for correspondent lenders, investors, banks, and agency direct lenders. We are happy to provide a bid on a single loan or a pool of loans.


The list below provides some of the loan types we purchase on a regular basis. If your loan type is not listed, call us to discuss in more detail as we invest in all residential loans. We specialize in purchasing assets affected by investor or credit overlays.


  • Agency Eligible Loans that “just missed” due to investor credit overlays

  • Agency Ineligible/Refer Loans

  • Re-Purchased Loans

  • “Scratch & Dent” Loans

  • Aged Loans

  • Performing, Non-Performing, Re-Performing, REO


Loan consideration and submission is as easy as contacting Spurs Capital and submitting your bid tape data.


The five easy steps below outline the process from submission to funding.


  1. Submit Data Tape​ for Bid

  2. Execute Letter of Intent

  3. Upload Loan documents to Spurs’ easy online portal

  4. Ship Collateral to Spurs​

  5. Receive Purchase Advice and Wire


Questions about our programs, Call 303-923-6407 or email me today!


Bradley M. Tri


Vice President

Spurs Capital, LLC


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