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Warehouse Line Management

Spurs Capital recognizes the importance of the timely sale of originated loans and effective management of warehouse lines of credit.  


As a direct investor, we provide liquidity assistance for all loans you may maintain on your warehouse line.  We purchase aged assets or unique and challenging residential mortgages impacted by changes in loan characteristics from the time of origination to sale.  We specialize in purchasing assets affected by investor or credit overlays.  


  1. Future flow transactions

  2. Loans underwritten to lender guidelines

  3. Ineligible investor loans

  4. Investor re-purchases

  5. GNMA re-purchases

  6. Loans impacted by credit overlays

  7. Loans that 'just missed' investor guidelines

  8. Aged loans


Spurs Capital knows that even with the most stringent due diligence practices, scenarios exist that require non-traditional sale vehicles for your mortgage assets. Submit your loans today for a bid.  

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