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Loan Submission Process

Loan consideration and submission is as easy as contacting a Spurs Capital representative and submitting your data on the loan submission form.


The five easy steps below outline the process from submission to closing.


Submit Tape

Our goal is to assist you with all of your mortgage assets.  There are no minimum quantity requirements; we review single loan scenarios or a full tape.  A submission form is provided for reference. If your data is in another format, contact us to determine the best way to send us your information. We aim to make the process as easy as possible.


Bid Proposal

Upon receipt of your loan detail, our due diligence team will review and provide a bid within 48-hours.​


Letter of Intent

Once Spurs Capital receives your bid approval, we provide a letter of intent outlining terms of the purchase and document collection requirements.​


Loan Document Collection

Next our due diligence and underwriting teams will work with your staff to collect all loan documents associated to the assets within the pool.


Close and Fund

We strive to meet your closing and funding requirements.  Within two weeks, the purchase is closed and funds are transferred.  Spurs Capital provides quick and easy liquidity solutions for all your whole loan needs.​

Submit Loans Now!
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