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Future Flow Transactions

Repeating success through strong, continual and consistent investment relationships

Spurs Capital values our returning clients and will customize a schedule to meet your demanding liquidity requirements.  


  • If you are a bank and have distressed assets, we can complete bulk purchases to assist in managing your financial and loan performance goals.  


  • If you maintain a warehouse line of credit, a representative can discuss your loan funding trends and dwell times to define a strategy to consistently sell mortgage loans to capitalize on income and continued lending power.


  • If you are an investor with performing, sub-performing or non-performing mortgage assets, Spurs Capital can assist you in maintaining desired performance standards.

  • If you want the ease of knowing you have a partner for all potential loan scenarios, Spurs Capital is here.  Faced with investor repurchases or scratch and dent loans, Spurs Capital can help.

Reduce set-up time and bid request and closing timeframes by becoming a preferred Future Flow Customer.

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